Next week's session will be my final drink with you all - I'm handing over the Blockchain & Booze baton to Alon Goren.
TOMORROW's session #65 welcomes Ben Lakoff of Charged Particles as we chat on the intersection of DeFi and NFTs!
On tomorrow's session, we'll be exploring the intersection of IoT and Blockchain and how decentralized wireless infrastructure will overtake telecommun…
Next weeks session 64 welcomes Helium Network's Chairman, CEO and Founder Amir Haleem as we delve on the world of blockchain and IoT
TONIGHT's session welcomes a Tezos deep dive as we unfold what the network has in store for decentralized finance!
Next week's #63 welcomes a DeFi on Tezos deep dive with the founder of Plenty!
TONIGHT's session 62 welcomes Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko as we do an end-to-end deep dive on the ecosystem.
Next week's #62 welcomes an end-to-end Solana blockchain deep dive with Sam Bankman-Fried and Anatoly Yakovenko!
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